Prestashop ATS Game Play Theme

Prestashop ATS Game Play theme is a responsive Prestashop 1.6 theme designed for those who wish to set up an online video game store. The theme would also be perfect for any entertainment-based online store like movies and music stores.

Theme Features

The theme comes with some custom-built features that add uniqueness, beauty, flexibility, enhancement and performance to your website. Below are some of these key features.

Built with Bootstrap

The theme was built used the popular Bootstrap Framework which deploys great flexibility and responsiveness to your site

Unique Page ID and Class

Every page has a unique ID and Class making it possible for you to apply unique CSS styling to different pages on your website


The theme is based on HTML5 so as to enable you take advantage of all the latest and amazing features of HTML.


The theme CSS styling is based on CSS3 and ensures that you take advantage of all the latest and amazing features available on most modern browsers.

Theme Customization

The theme contains a customization/configuration tool that makes it easy for you to customize the appearance of your website by changing layouts, fonts, colours, etc.

Icon Fonts

The theme makes use of different icon fonts (e.g. Font Awesome, Iconmoon and/or Glyph icon fonts) in order to limit the use of image icon on your website and enhance simplicity, speed and performance.


Extra Features

Responsive Lightbox for YouTube/Vimeo Videos

Preview games' video trailer before purchase

This theme has an inbuilt module that enable shop owners to display video previews and trailers in a responsive lightbox and a gallery format.


Inbuilt typography

Inbuilt Typography for Beautiful Content Presentation

The theme consists of in-built codes and tags for enhancing content published using Prestashop CMS and the supported SmartData Blog.


Smart Blog Design-Ready

Smart Blog Ready

The theme provides in-built design support for the popular free Prestashop blog module developed by SmartDataSoft.


Icons for Game Platforms

Icons for Video Games Platforms

Display icons of popular video game platform with their associated products in a stylish and attractive way on the product list on the home page.


  • Theme Details

  • Released Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2014
  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.6.x
  • Layout: Multiple
  • Browsers: Firefox, Opera, IE-9, Chrome, Safari
  • 3rd party modules: SmartBlog, Homecategories Plus
  • Documentation: Included

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